MS Dinner Of Champions

Zoe Hewitt takes the Red Carpet Rundown cameras to the 37th Annual MS Dinner of Champions. The event raises money for MS research and programs.

After watching the segment from the event, scroll further for BONUS FOOTAGE for Independence Day fans when Zoe speaks with producer Dean Devlin.  Additional BONUS FOOTAGE includes an interview with funny-man Marlon Wayans.

For Leverage and Independence Day fans, see the interview with Dean Devlin:

For a bit of levity, watch Zoe and Marlon Wayans discuss the Wayans brothers:

Retinitis Pigmentosa International’s Vision Awards

Red Carpet Rundown spends Thursday night in Beverly Hills at The Vision Awards hosted by Retinitis Pigmentosa International.

Zoe Hewitt speaks with the evening’s honorees including Vancouver Olympic gold medalist for bobsled Steven Holcomb, and Molly Smith, producer of The Blind Side.  Lily Tomlin chats about her good friend and Laugh-In creator George Schlatter.

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