BABY DRIVER Review & Analysis

Most people will say Baby Driver is a heist caper.  While writer/director Edgar Wright’s latest film features those elements, the real story comes during what happens in between the action scenes.

Baby (Ansel Elgort) is a getaway driver for a series of robberies coordinated by Doc (Kevin Spacey).  He’s trapped in a bit of indentured servitude following a run in with Doc from years earlier.  A diner waitress named Debora (Lily James) seems just as lost as Baby and the two form a connection.  Lest we learn more about her, the story belongs to Baby alone.

In fact, if there’s ever a question that Baby Driver is more about Baby than his driving, look no further than the action sequences for the answer.  During the actual robberies, we don’t even have the opportunity to watch the action; the camera remains steadily on Baby.  At one point, while waiting in the car as the getaway driver, he pulls forward so it becomes impossible to catch a glimpse of the action even in the deep background.  It isn’t until Baby himself begins to evolve that we begin to see the action as well.

The movie also stars Jon Hamm, Jon Bernthal, Jamie Foxx and Eiza González.

For more about Baby’s evolution as evidenced through the use of glasses, take a look below:

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