HOW TO BE A LATIN LOVER Review & Analysis

A movie title like How To Be A Latin Lover evokes certain stereotypes.  Rather than poking fun at stereotypes, however, Lover is comedy of interchangeable race and gender.  It relies on the hot guy/rich older woman convention to tell its story regardless of which actor is cast in the title role.

Maximo (Eugenio Derbez) retreats to his estranged sister’s apartment after falling victim to divorce.  Sara (Salma Hayek) takes him in, supposedly under duress though she doesn’t seem in any hurry to get rid of him, either.  In a comedy where the humor relies heavily upon accepting the leads despite their faults, the key is that they remain likable.  In Lover, neither Maximo nor Sara are interesting enough to overlook their faults.  He’s too brazen and never learns his lesson and she is a doormat.

The movie also stars Rob Lowe, Raphael Alejandro, Linda Lavin, Renee Taylor, and Michael Cera.

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