LEAP! Review & Analysis

Leap! is a charming movie about two young children who don’t run away from their orphanage as much as they run towards fulfilling their dreams.  There isn’t a lot of backstory to flesh out the characters, which is okay pending a willingness to accept the premise.  As with life, the genesis of our dreams is not always as important as doing our best to fulfill them.  Many adults, alongside the children they bring to the theater, could learn from Felicie (Elle Fanning) and Victor’s (Dane DeHaan) boundless confidence.

One of Leap!‘s great strengths is illustrating that success doesn’t come easily; hard work is imperative in any endeavor and sheer desire, while important, isn’t the only element in achievement.  While Felicie and Victor hit the inevitable bumps that come in any movie script–not to mention life itself–they pick themselves up again and keep trying.  This is The Little Engine That Could as two orphans from the country.

Leap! also stars the voice talents of Mel Brooks, Kate McKinnon and Carly Rae Jepsen.

For more about Leap!, including a particular animal that makes repeat appearances, take a look below:


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