Non Profit Party

Nonprofit Party takes a trip to the…Insect Discovery Center
Zoe Hewitt takes a trip to the Natural History Museum’s Insect Discovery Center. She touches a cockroach and a beetle while learning about other “creepy” bugs!
Nonprofit Party takes a trip to…Angel Flight
Angel Flight is a fantastic organization that donates private flights for a variety of needs such as medical care, meeting potential foster children and more!  Volunteer pilot Stuart McClay Smith sat down with host Zoe Hewitt to discuss this great charity!



Nonprofit Party takes a trip to the…Ojai Raptor Center
Cameras followed Zoe to the Ojai Raptor Center during the recent weekend. Raptors are birds that hunt with their talons and this nonprofit is dedicated to their rescue, rehabilitation and release.

Zoe had the opportunity to get up close and personal with Newton, one of the teaching birds.
Take a look below to see how the pair learned to speak each other’s language…

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