Banana You Glad To See Me At The Museum

Zoe Hewitt travels three hours south-east of Los Angeles to the Coachella Valley to visit the International Banana Museum. It’s in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest collection of anything banana.

Check out Zoe’s chat with museum owner Fred Garbutt and see the latest addition to the museum…

Hopping Around The Bunny Museum

Candace talks to us about the museum’s history, bunny care and her second book which will hit shelves (and in May.

Watch our segment below to learn the Bunny Bump directly from Candace…

All About Eating Roaches At The Insect Discovery Center

Zoe Hewitt takes a trip to the Natural History Museum’s Insect Discovery Center where she touches a cockroach and beetle while learning about other “creepy” bugs!

Did you know that cockroaches are full of protein if you to eat them?  Think Zoe took a bite? Take a look below…

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