THE CIRCLE Review & Analysis

The Circle is based on the 2013 Dave Eggers novel of the same name.  When Mae (Emma Watson) begins working at the technology giant the Circle, she doesn’t quite believe it’s as amazing as her co-workers claim.  As she becomes more ensconced in life at the Circle, she begins to believe the company’s claims.  At the Circle’s helm is Tom Hanks, an ideal casting that capitalizes on his Every Man persona.  While we as an audience have been conditioned to trust his every word, the trust is at odds with the movie’s message.

Voyeurism and technology are the core of The Circle.  These themes have long been the subject of dystopian novels as well as Hollywood fiction.  When we’re watched, are we at our best or at our worst?  Mae thinks she behaves better knowing she’s under constant observation from the Circle’s ever-present wireless cameras. What is it that makes the concept of observation both a threat and a judge?

In a world–our world–where technology allows for a shared experience, the concept of not sharing equates to keeping secrets.  And secrets are lies.  That’s Mae’s mantra from the moment she, too, begins to buy what the Circle is selling.

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